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While visiting this site, you will have access to our museum’s rich photographic history of Montreal’s fire stations, apparatus as well as devastating fires that have changed our city’s architectural heritage. In this unique collection, you will discover other particularities concerning the firefighter’s profession. This will give you the opportunity to learn about the history of our fire department and the brave men and women who battled the blazes.


Sunday, the 10th of September 1944, a group of 19 men, mostly representing the Montreal Civil Defense, convened a meeting at the Brothers of Redemption St-Anne Hall located on Ottawa Street. It was there that this group formed a volunteer organization that would, eventually, become known as “les Pompiers Auxiliaires de Montreal.”

Unique in all of Canada at that time, the goal was to become an active part of the Montreal Fire Service with a specific aim to provide assistance to fire fighters at the scene of major incidents.

In 1945, they proposed the use of a portable canteen (a thermos on legs) which would permit the distribution of refreshments to firemen dispatched to fight fires.

In 1948, the PAM obtained a used 1937 Ford panel truck. It was used to transport the portable canteen and a wooden box that contained the material necessary to make coffee and Bovril and a supply of cigarettes. As the years passed and the needs augmented, the PAM acquired a larger, more modern van. This vehicle was equipped with increased storage space. A propane generator provided power for lighting and two coffee makers.

The PAM was assigned a first aid unit at the end of the celebrations organized for the l00th anniversary of the Montreal Fire Service in 1963. From this vehicle, first aid was administered to the fire fighters at fire scenes. When necessary, it was also used to transport personnel to the nearest hospital facility. Today, the volunteer members of the Pompiers Auxiliaires de Montréal have two modern vehicles identified as ‘1230’ and ‘1330’. They respond to the scene on second alarms or at the special request of the commanding officer and participate in many other community events. In addition to providing support to the fire fighters of Montreal, they maintain a museum where numerous collector’s items are stored such as photos, helmets of fire fighters who died in the line-of-duty, early era firefighting tools and equipment used by the communication center.


Since its creation in September 1944, the numerous collections at the montreal fire museum have been considerably enriched thanks to the generosity of countless donors.
By becoming a donor, you are actively contributing to the radiance of the museum. You allow it to fulfill the challenges for the future. Monetary donations and historical artifacts will assist in maintaining a vibrant, modern and continuously adapting museum to reflect the fire service.
All contributions will be greatly appreciated and will express your interest in the development and preservation of the museum’s importance to the community.


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